Our Mission

Achieving our vision means reaching our goals...

Our Mission

Achieving our vision means reaching our goals:

  • Customer satisfaction – To meet our commitments to our customers and always aim to exceed their expectations.
  • Quality – To achieve the highest possible standards through our passion for safety, continual improvement, innovation and excellence in every aspect of our business.
  • People – To have the best trained and most motivated people in our industry. Excellence For Customers

Our Approach
“To continually improve the way we all deal with the customer”

Our business has been built on the fundamental belief that putting the customer first is the only way to expand and grow our company.

We have a culture in existence which has developed over the years on this single belief. It is therefore of paramount importance that all our staff and suppliers also adopt this way of thinking.

The Excellence For Customers Campaign has been developed to concentrate everyone’s mind on this belief so that as we grow we ensure that the culture we have built is further developed.

It is the aim of the company to, wherever possible, ensure that we go the extra mile for the customer and by doing this they will hopefully feel:-

  • They are number one!
  • Proud that Strada Environmental Ltd are carrying out their work.
  • Peace of mind that goes with selecting Strada Environmental Ltd.
  • Trust in Strada Environmental Ltd carrying out the works carefully and proficiently.