How is asbestos removed?

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If the building or home was constructed before the 2000s, it is more likely that they contain asbestos containing materials in them. It was used in ceilings, wall plasters, and wallboard and floor because of its fire resisting property that is offered to the residents.


Careful Removal Necessary

How is Asbestos Removed?


Typically, the removal of asbestos containing materials by the residents of that particular building or home is not recommended. It is required that a professional is called for the purpose. Asbestos is extensively hazardous to the people and there is no safe, standard level of asbestos exposure. Even a very few fibres in the environment can be inhaled by the people and can cause tremendous damage to their health, inducing diseases like asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Currently, there is not one treatment for mesothelioma which has resulted in a cure. 

There are certain precautions to be taken into account when handling or removing asbestos from the premise. The asbestos containing materials might expose its fibres into the air when heavy power tools are used upon them, like a saw, drill, etc. Whenever a person is considering removal of asbestos or renovation of the building, they must seek professional help and advice, because these procedures might disturb the asbestos containing materials and spread the heavy, fatal diseases. The residents are advised not to remove the asbestos spray coating, insulation or insulation boards or any other variation of asbestos by themselves. This job is complex and requires the people to be trained and have certain equipment, which is required.

There are certain precautions that are needed to be taken care of when dealing with the removal of the asbestos containing materials from the premise. It is required, that the area is cleared, where the asbestos is about to be removed from in order to avoid contamination of the furniture, clothing and other items with asbestos fibers in them. It is also needed that the anything is properly covered to the last edge which is impossible to be removed with thick polythene sheeting. The isolation of that particular area of the premise is needed where the removal work will take place. This can be done by building a containment area and using polythene sheeting, secure the place and airlock it. It is required to cover the walls and floors in the area where the asbestos containing materials are to be removed. Covering of those items must be done using polythene sheeting. In order to avoid the spread of fatal diseases due to the exposure of asbestos materials in the air, putting up an alert sign needed. In order to let the visitors know about the work that has been going on and the health risks that can be induced due to the asbestos exposure. The people or team, performing the task of removing asbestos containing materials from a particular building, must wear respirators which are approved for all times, that the person is in the containment area. When inside the containment area, it is required that the person is wearing rubber gloves, boots, and protective eye goggles and must be covered entirely from top to the bottom.

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