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What to do - act quick but safely with these tips:

  1. So you have discovered or moved asbestos containing materials that could pose a threat to your health
    1. Stop what you are doing straight away.
    2. Cordon off the area to stop anyone entering.
    3. If in a place of work report to the most senior person on shift.
    4. Place warning signs where they can be seen warning of a possible asbestos contamination.
    5. Yourself or the person in charge must have the material analysed and sampled asap.
  2. Does the discovery contain asbestos?
    1. Yes, Yourself or the person in charge need to make an Asbestos Management Plan, then decide if you need to bring in an HSE Licensed contractor like Strada Environmental
    2. No, there is no further action required
  3. Is there any asbestos debris on your clothing?
    1. Yes, a little dust on your clothes or shoes, etc : Get help and ensure everyone puts on RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) - Wipe down with damp towels/clothes - Dispose of damp rags securely as asbestos waste - Keep a record of the event in accident book
    2. Yes, a lot of debris, for example, in your hair, on your clothes and footwear : Stay where you are and do not spread the contamination - Call for help and put on your RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) - Wipe down with towels/clothes - Undress, shower and wash your hair thoroughly - Place all contaminated clothing, towels, etc in a plastic bag for disposal - Leave all the wash facilities clean and free of any possible contamination - Dispose of all the rags as asbestos waste - Keep a record of the event in accident book
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