Asbestos safety?

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There are certain things residents can do and certain things they cannot do when they discover the asbestos containing materials on their premise. The residents might not know what asbestos containing materials can do to their health once it is damaged or disturbed. In order to prevent such fatal diseases, it is necessary that people are aware of the safety measure that must be taken when they come across asbestos at their residences.

If you come across asbestos containing materials at your premise, do not touch it. It can increase the risk level to your health when it is disturbed or moved. It releases toxic fibres into the air in the form of dust. When these fibres containing dust particles are inhaled by people, it can cause them severe diseases like cancer, asbestosis and many others. If the asbestos containing material has not been damaged or touched, it might not be the cause for alarm. The material does not show any signs of wear and tear, it can be left in place and intact.

Asbestos Safety


Tackling Asbestos


However, if you are looking forward to get asbestos containing materials moved or removed, you need to consider certain circumstances. For example, if it is in a good condition, you can leave it be, in its place. If there are any alternatives to removing the asbestos containing materials, go for it. This might include, painting, sealing or covering it with a product which does not contain asbestos. You must consider the laws and safety measures that are set by the government for working with asbestos containing materials. You must consider hiring a licensed contractor in order to get asbestos containing materials removed from your premise.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind when handling asbestos or working with it. You cannot use power tools on them like saw or drill. You cannot cut the material. You can never use compressed air on it. Never to use high-pressure hoses. You cannot walk on the cement roof containing asbestos as this might increase the risk of falling through the roof. You cannot leave damaged asbestos products around in the building or in the house. You have to get the material tested by UKAS accredited lab, in the case where you are not sure if the material does contain asbestos. Whenever working with asbestos, you have to make sure it is in the well-ventilated region. You have to make sure that the material is thoroughly wet down. It is required to keep it that way during the work in order to minimize the risk of releasing fibers and dust in the air. It is highly recommended that the asbestos containing materials which are loosely bounded are removed by a licensed contractor. It is made necessary due to the health risks which are way greater in handling loosely bounded material than those which are firmly bounded.

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