Handling of Asbestos Hazardous Waste

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Asbestos is classed a hazardous substance which requires handling and disposal in the correct manner. Any asbestos product or material which is ready for disposal is defined as Asbestos Waste. It can also include contaminated building materials and personal protective equipment.

  • Asbestos waste is “Special Waste” when it contains more than 0.1% Asbestos.
  • Asbestos should NEVER be disposed of in General Waste bins.

Strada Environmental have on site hazardous waste managers who hold Diplomas in “Waste management operations managing transfer of hazardous waste” as well as a Certificate of Technical Competence Level 4 in Waste Management Operations.

At Strada, we are fully licensed by SEPA for the transport of hazardous (special) waste. Why not let us collect and dispose of your waste asbestos by using our bespoke asbestos transportation system, and the management of waste within our licensed Waste Transfer Station.

Fully Licenced Contractor