Was your property built pre-1999?

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The use of Asbestos in building materials was not banned in the UK until 1999, this means your property may contain Asbestos and you don’t even know it’s there.

Asbestos does not pose a risk to your health provided it is in good condition & undisturbed, however even slight damage to Asbestos containing materials can pose a serious risk to your health.

5 million Asbestos Fibres can fit on a single pin head, that’s how tiny these fibres are. You could potentially be breathing these fibres in if you’re in the presence of Damaged Asbestos without wearing the correct Personal & Respiratory Protective Equipment.

The fibres attach themselves to the insides of your lungs and can cause Cancer or Mesothelioma – for which there is no cure.

Below are just some common places where Asbestos could be present in your home or commercial property;

  • Garage/Shed/House Roof Tiles
  • Soffits, Facias, Canopies & Undercloaking
  • Artex (Walls & Ceilings)
  • Floor Tiles & Adhesive
  • Flue Pipes
  • Water Tanks
  • Electrics (Cable Wrap, Fuse Guard Flash pads)
  • Wall Panels
  • Pipe Insulation

When might it be a good idea to contact an Asbestos Company?

  • Building build pre-1999
  • Prior to renovation works on your home (General, electrical, plumbing & Heating)
  • Prior to demolition
  • For Commercial properties – to create an asbestos register which should be referred to prior to any maintenance or repair work undertaken.
  • If you’re just not sure & would be interested to know if there is any Asbestos in your home 

If you think your property may have Asbestos, why not give us a call for free, no obligation advice from one of our experienced Contracts Managers. They can talk you through the entire process of identifying, properly managing and removing any Asbestos. No job is too big or too small.

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